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The CHS Alumni Hall of Fame

The Central High School Hall of Fame seeks to acknowledge and honor the many distinguished graduates of the school.  The Board of Managers of the Associated Alumni established the Hall in 1973 with the creation of a Hall of Fame committee to develop induction criteria and establish the tone for induction ceremonies.  The first ceremony was held on September 15, 1973 in the Grand Rotunda of the Franklin Institute.

Inductees, at minimum, have attained worldwide or national recognition, and are recognized by their peers as having achieved the highest levels of success in their fields.  Initially, election to the Hall of Fame was limited to living graduates able to attend the induction ceremony.  In 2009, the Hall of Fame committee proposed, and the Board of Managers agreed to look at graduates who would have qualified for election prior to the creation of the Hall in 1973.  Posthumously inducted alumni include Olympic Medal winners, Rhodes Scholars, a United States Senator, world renowned scientists and artists, and a world renowned “Stooge”.  All have brought honor and distinction to “Dear High”; their place in the Hall acknowledges their contributions.

Considerable effort is expended by the Hall of Fame committee in considering and debating on potential candidates.  The process, however, starts with initial recommendations from alumni who are familiar with a potential candidate and can supply documentation of an individual’s accomplishments and curriculum vitae.  The committee welcomes all suggestions.  Please e-mail, the committee at

Present Members of the Central High School Hall of Fame

Inducted 9/15/73

  • Monsignor William Lallou (103) Religious Leader
  • Louis Kahn (134) Architect
  • Dr. William H. Cornog (146) Educator
  • Leroy K. Young, MD (155) Physician
  • Seymour Kety, MD (158) Physiologist
  • J. Paul Lyet (164) Industrialist
  • Samuel Dash, Esq. (178) Legal Scholar
  • Justice Robert N.C. Nix, Jr. (186) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • Jerome Lowenthal (192) Pianist

Inducted 10/30/76

  • Dr. Joseph S. Hepburn (108) Chemist, Historian
  • John F. Harbeson (111) Architect
  • Robert  B. Carney (118) Admiral, USN
  • Alexander Kendrick (149) Journalist
  • Edward W. Barankin (168) Physicist
  • Judge Charles R. Weiner (174) Jurist
  • Norman Fell (176) Actor
  • Bernard Wolfman, Esq. (176) Legal Scholar
  • Dr. D. Walter Cohen (181) Dentist, Educator
  • Arnold Roth (186) Humorist
  • Dr. Howard M. Temin (196) Nobel Laureate
  • Edward Weinberger (204) Writer, Television Producer

Inducted 6/8/78

  • Leon J. Obermayer, Esq. (109) Attorney

Inducted 6/7/79

  • Judge Leo Weinrott (121) Jurist

Inducted 11/13/79

  • Bernard G. Segal, Esq. (149) International Attorney
  • David Raksin (153) Composer
  • Alvin Benedict (176) Hotelier
  • Melvin B. Zisfein (181) Deputy Director, National Air & Space Museum
  • Eugene H. Rotberg (188) International Banker

Inducted 6/10/82

  • William B. Curry, Sr. (125) Corresponding Secretary, AACHS

Inducted 4/9/86

  • Arthur Tracy (130) “The Street Singer”
  • Dr. Howard Carlisle (162) Educator
  • Shelly Gross (170) Theatrical Producer, Author
  • Lee Guber (170) Theatrical Producer
  • Leonard S. Dreifus, MD (177) Physician
  • Solomon Kal Rudman (188) Radio and Television Pioneer, Publisher, Philanthropist
  • Bernard M. Kauderer (192) Vice Admiral, U.S.N.
  • Judge Edward R. Becker (194) Jurist

Inducted 10/5/88

  • Dr. I.M. Levitt (146) Director Emeritus, Fels Planetarium
  • Bernard Bell (150) Former Vice President, World Bank
  • Alvan R. Feinstein, MD (177) Professor of Medicine, Yale University
  • Ralph Sanders (183) Professor Emeritus, National Defense University
  • Anthony P. Monaco, MD (191) Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Henry David Abraham, MD (214) Co-recipient, 1985 Nobel Peace Prize
  • Lee Eisenberg (221) Editor-in-Chief, Esquire Magazine

Inducted 12/3/92

  • Edward N. Polisher, Esq. (132) Attorney, Philanthropist
  • William J. Harvey III (156) Religious Leader
  • John Macionis (160) Olympic Silver Medal Swimming
  • James Bagian, MD, PE (228) Physician, Astronaut

Inducted 2/8/95

  • Isadore Brodsky, MD (189) Medical Scholar and Inventor
  • Richard J. Wurtman, MD (199) Physician and Researcher

Inducted 3/18/98

  • Paul J. Fink, MD (189) Psychiatrist
  • Dr. William H. Cosby (204) Entertainer, Author
  • Dr. Joel N. Myers (208) Meteorologist
  • Conrad C. Lautenbacher (213) Vice Admiral, U.S.N.

Inducted 3/16/00

  • Andrew Weil, MD (212) Author, Proponent of Integrative Medicine

Inducted 10/16/01

  • Dr. Robert H. Page, PE (183) Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering
  • Joseph Smukler. Esq. (185) Attorney, Philanthropist, Humanitarian
  • Allen P. Rosenberg, Esq. (192) Attorney, Lecturer, Member U.S. Olympic Committee
  • Charles Joseph Epstein, MD (196) Professor of Pediatrics, Geneticist
  • James DePreist (202) Orchestral Conductor & Music Director
  • Teller(Raymond Joseph) (224) Entertainer, Penn & Teller

Inducted 10/19/06

  • Benjamin Ostrofsky, PhD (177) Engineer, Fellow Society of Logistic Engineers
  • Bernard M. Wagner, MD (182) Pioneer in Toxicologic Pathology
  • Richard J. Fox (184) Real estate developer
  • Robert A. Fox (188) Investor
  • A. Eugene Kohn, FAIA, RIBA, JIA (190) Architect
  • Howard Gittis, Esq. (197) Attorney
  • Barry B. Goldberg, MD (204) Director, Ultrasound Research and Education Institute
  • Stephen J. Harmelin, Esq. (206) Attorney
  • Richard S. Sokolov, Esq. (226) International Real Estate Developer

Inducted 10/15/09

  • William H. Brown III, Esq. (185) Attorney
  • Bernard Spain (198) Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
  • Hon. Lawrence S. Margolis (199) Senior Judge, U.S. Court of Federal Claims
  • George Campbell, PhD (220) President, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
  • Ralph Schlosstein (227) Co-founder BlackRock, Inc.
  • Cato T. Laurencin, MD (235) Physician, Engineer, Researcher
  • Carlton J. Young, MD (238) Transplant Surgeon

Inducted Posthumously 10/15/09

  • Thomas Eakins (38) Artist, Photographer, Sculptor
  • Daniel Guggenheim (66) Industrialist, Philanthropist
  • Samuel S. Fels (72) Manufacturer, Philanthropist, Donor of Fels Planetarium
  • Simon Guggenheim (87) Industrialist, Philanthropist, U.S, Senator (Colorado)
  • Albert C. Barnes, MD (92) Physician, Chemist, Art Collector
  • Alain Leroy Locke (107) Author, Philosopher, Rhodes Scholar
  • John Baxter Taylor, Jr. (107) Olympic Gold Medalist (1908), first African American Gold Medalist
  • Ed Wynn (110) Comedian, Theatrical Producer
  • Larry Fine (132) Comedian, one of “The Three Stooges”

Inducted Posthumously 3/12/11

  • Simon Gratz (18) Educator, Founder  P.A.F.A
  • John F. Sloan (92) Artist, Co-founder of the Ashcan School
  • William J. Glackens (92) Artist, Co-founder of the Ashcan School
  • Ralph T. Reed (128) CEO American Express
  • Charles H. Goren (132) Bridge Expert and Author

Inducted 10/27/11

  • Walter P. Lomax, Jr., MD (192) Physician, Healthcare Management
  • Phillip Frost, MD (200) Physician, Pharmaceuticals, Philanthropist
  • Barry R. Bloom, PhD (202) Infectious Disease Scientist, WHO
  • Edwin M. Epstein (202) Professor Emeritus UC Berkeley
  • Alan P. Wolfe, PhD (213) Author, Professor Political Science Boston College
  • Richard P. Silverman, PhD (221) Chemistry Professor Northwestern University, Researcher, Inventor of Lyrica
  • Charles R. Bridges, MD, ScD (232) Physician, Professor, Cardiovascular Surgery Pioneer
  • Betty W. Liu (250) Financial Journalist, TV Anchor
  • Quiara Alegria Huges (254) Playwright, Librettist and Author