By Yvonne Dennis (246)

One of the most frequent questions alumni ask about Dear Old High is what is the school like compared to when I was there? Some even ask more bluntly: Is it still as good?

The alumni association aims to answer that for you via news and feature articles on this site and the Alumni Journal. But empirical, outside measures provide answers in a different way., which says it is “the best place to research U.S. colleges, schools, neighborhoods, and companies” because of its analysis of data sets and community feedback, recently graded Central High School of Philadelphia overall A+.

Central’s girls tennis team celebrates at Legacy Youth Tennis and Education Center in East Falls October 2017  after defeating Cardinal O’Hara to win its fourth consecutive district title.

In its 10 categories, Niche graded Central

  1. Academics                            A
  2. Diversity                                A+
  3. Teachers                                A
  4. College Prep                         A
  5. Clubs & Activities               A
  6. Health & Safety                   A
  7. Administration                   A+
  8. Sports                                    B-
  9. Food                                       A-
  10. Resources & Facilities      B

    Alumni can get the most news on academic and sports achievements of Central students when school resumes at   and

Please keep a look out for announcements on school concerts and theater perfomances. Students and staff love seeing alumni in the halls and auditorium seats!

Hope you are having a great summer.

Central’s chess team, led by math teacher Chris Copeland (260), won the 2016-2017 Public League Championship and competed in the spring of 2017 at the Chess Supernationals in Nashville.