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Having a Reunion?

This page is intended to help those classes that are planning their first reunion, those class members that are new to reunion planning process and for those classes that for whatever reason have not held reunions regularly.

Here is the “Central”ized list of all the living classes: Find My Class.  There you will find your class rep’s name and, in some cases, class Facebook group page and any web presence your class may have (like a class webpage).  If your class has nothing (do a Google search too), a Facebook group is real easy to set-up and very easy to use, they are widely successful and productive.  If you don’t have your own class website, or perhaps it’s become a bit dated, don’t feel that you have to have a current website, they are becoming sort of passé.  To be honest, even if you have a dedicated classmate or two to build it, administer it, etc. the traffic it generates will probably not match Facebook.

Since classes vary quite a bit in age from 19 years old to well into their nineties, their reunion needs and requirements vary quite a bit as well.  Suffice it to say that there is no simple cookie-cutter reunion planning template that can be made that will work for all classes.  Contact the AACHS office at  or try calling mornings at 215 927-9550.  If you are the class rep, or part of the reunion committee, these are some of the parts of the reunion process that the AACHS can help you with:

  • Contact data, the class list is made available to the class rep.
  • Facilitate a Friday lunch and student led tour at the school.
  • CHS teacher, CHS president, and AACHS president availability to attend your reunion.
  • Announcing your reunion in the Journal and on the alumni website.

Feel free to email AACHS board member Rudy Cvetkovic (239) at .  He has mentored several class reps, and a few recently with their 5th and 10th year reunions.  Some of the items that he may be able to help with:

  • The reunion process; planning, announcements, financing, program, etc.
  • Reunion venue selection.  He maintains a spreadsheet of what venues many of the classes have used in recent years.
  • Other sources of class contact info.
  • List of websites for tracking down elusive classmates and other tips and tricks.
  • Opportunities to give back to CHS: volunteering, optional class gift to the AACHS, etc.