Central High student clubs, Youth Volunteer Corps Central High Chapter and Feeding Phillyhave the opportunity to win a $20,000 grant.

In the fall, the clubs won a small grant from the Philly Service Award to implement a service project.

Together, both groups developed a project, ‘Revitalizing with Green’, to convert three barren and hazardous lots in Kensington into vibrant community gardens, that addresses a solution to food insecurity and public safety concerns.

Faculty Sponsor, Kristen Peeples, M.Ed, proudly shared with the AACHS the diligent, hard work the students put into making the project possible.

“Students sculpted havens of hope—places for rejuvenation, learning, and unity. These places now offer fresh produce, workshops, and recreation; their endeavor empowered residents, leaving an enduring mark on the community’s vitality.”

 Now there is an opportunity to be awarded $20,000 to continue this work!

This award is determined by votes from the public, and we need your support to win.

Here’s how you can help:

    1. Visit the voting page
    2. Scroll down to Central High School and click “Vote Now.”
    3. Enter your email address and click “Submit.”
    4. Check your email for an email from ContestPad and click “Validate Vote.”

You can vote once per day until April 30th, so please mark your calendars and help us secure this incredible opportunity for our students and community.

Hear what some of our students have to say about their experience:

  • Samantha S. (283): “Dozens of Central students were able to volunteer in this project, establishing formative connections with community leaders in Kensington and civic engagement experiences. I’m honored to have been a part of organizing this project and can’t wait to see how we can expand this initiative in the coming years to bring sustainable food security to the entire city.”

  • Jenna H. (284): “I’m happy to be a part of brainstorming and organizing such an impactful project that worked towards food insecurity and safe public areas in Kensington.”

  • Neematallah Y. (284): “Through this project I have been able to see firsthand the magic that happens when people with a goal come together. Working on the gardens myself, it gave me a sense of community and belonging and made me feel like I was actually making an impact.”

Please support Central High School and the incredible students by investing in their impactful work as they embrace the values of philanthropy and service.

Together, Lancers can make a difference.