Faculty Hall of Fame

Teachers can make a life-long impact upon their students. This is especially the case at Central where many unique individuals have served on the faculty. Central alumni and alumnae for years after graduating recall the erudition, idiosyncrasies, and lessons taught by these teachers, and realize how important they were in shaping our personal and intellectual development.

The generosity of the 199th class made it possible for the Associated Alumni to institute a Faculty Hall of Fame to honor the faculty’s finest. Created in 1989, the Faculty Hall of Fame is located on the third floor of the school, outside of the cafeteria. Each plaque contains a portrait of the honoree and a note of recognition. Presently, 32 faculty members have been honored in this manner.

The AACHS Faculty Hall of Fame committee meets periodically to discuss recommendations for induction. Recommendations are sought from graduates. Please send details to the alumni office via mail to AACHS, P.O. Box 26580, Philadelphia, PA 19141-6580 or e-mail to alumnioffice@centralhighalumni.com.

The Current Members of the CHS Faculty Hall of Fame

Charles A. Bareuther Science/History
Berton Barsky English
Harry Boris Science
Milton Brooks Mathematics
William Brooks Chemistry
Rose Conway Guidance
William M. Disharoon (133) English
Dale Donnelly ESL
Dennis Erlick Science/MG
Sydney A. Farbish (109) English
Frederick J. Gill Art
James Gilmore English
Thaddeus Gorecki French
Frank Greco (228) Health & Physical Education
Mme. Merrill Hakim French, Hebrew, Italian
Gerald C. Hamm English
Lucille Hamill History
Patricia Hansbury History
Bernard Harmon Art
E. Rowland Hill Mathematics
Edwin Houston (43) Civil Engineering
Karen Kreider Social Studies
Benjamin Lacy Science
Elliot Lester English
Joseph McCloskey English
Arthur McNally Physical Education
John Mulloy History
Joseph Ostrow (132) Music
Joseph W. Pennypacker English
Francois T. Raska French
Irving Rotman English
Robert Sanders (180) English
Oscar R. Sandstrom Latin
Sandy Schwartz Mathematics
Albert A. Smyth English
Bernard Warshaw Mathematics
Stephen Wilensky Music

Inducted Faculty 3/20/18

  • Edwin Houston (43) Ph.D, founded the General Electric Company with Elihu Thomson (55) and Thomas Edison
  • Frank Greco (228) first person to coach a Girl’s athletic team at Central
  • Mme. Merrill Hakim (deceased 2018) the only teacher to have taught three different languages in the same year
  • John Mulloy beloved History teacher and lecturer on Ecumenical subjects
  • Ms. Sandy Schwartz described by CHS 13th President, Sheldon Pavel as “Math Teacher Extraordinaire”
  • Stephen Wilensky Music teacher who developed curricula and organized student performances worldwide