Celebrating Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month

As we celebrate Pride Month, we’re reminded of the vibrant and diverse community that makes Central so special.
We are excited to highlight the recent publication of the Central Inqueerier, a student-run magazine that serves as a platform for students to express their experiences, emotions, and perspectives through poetry, art, and thoughtful reflections.

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Owen S. 285

Lancer Spotlight: Student Series, Owen S., 285

Owen S., a sophomore at Central High School, faced challenges with determination and found strength in wrestling and community support after losing his mother during freshman year. Despite adversity, he excelled academically and on the wrestling team, earning admiration from his coach and peers. Grateful for the supportive Lancer community, Owen looks forward to continued growth.

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Reunions are currently scheduled for the following classes: 202, 205, 212, 238, 253, 258, 263, 268, 273.

Class Giving

Class campaigns support various areas that enrich the lives of all Lancers. Gifts made through your class campaign rely on the power of collective giving, increasing the impact that class gifts have on the future of dear High!