As AACHS reflects upon Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month and amplifies the voices of faculty, alumni, and students at Central, we are pleased to spotlight two students, Faye L. and Erica Z., both from the 284th class.

Through their academic pursuits and community engagement with peers, Faye and Erica have upheld the spirit of Central traditions that mean so much to our dear High.

Faye, a dedicated member of Asian Pacific Islander Union (APIU), Chinese Pop-Culture Appreciation (CPCA), and Korean Student Association (KSA), shared her journey of self-discovery and empowerment through cultural expression. 

She had no prior connections when she first came to Central. It was daunting, but reflecting on her experience, Faye credits Central High– through active participation in cultural clubs and the guidance of supportive faculty sponsors and advisors–for igniting her passion to pursue Urban Studies as a career path.

Faye also acknowledged the invaluable mentorship she received from Central High Alumni, remarking,

I have met many alumni throughout my work in the Chinatown community. They were amazing mentors to me and helped give me guidance on how to be a leader and a student organizer.

Similarly, Erica reflected on her time at Central, recognizing how her involvement in APIU, CPCA, and American Students of Asian Origin (ASAO) inspired her to cultivate a sense of belonging for incoming students and to advocate the celebration of the diaspora of Asian cultures.

Erica intends to study Ethnic Studies and Psychology in college. She is eager to explore the complexities of cross-cultural dialogue and the challenges marginalized communities face

At the heart of Central High’s ethos is the commitment to academic excellence, community, and empowerment of student voices.

Events like the APIU Showcase and Multicultural Week provide students the opportunity to share their cultural heritage, educate others, and nurture a feeling of inclusion.

Erica recalled the solidarity among Asian American students in the face of discrimination and adversity, highlighting the importance of cultural clubs in fostering understanding and unity. She shared,

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is the time to honor the histories, cultures, and contributions of the AANHPI community and to acknowledge the joy and hardships experienced.

Both Faye and Erica highlighted the significance of celebrating AANHPI Heritage Month in promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness within our school community.

Envision a future where the empowerment and support they’ve experienced at Central will continue to flourish, enabling Asian American students to confidently share their voices and experiences, while fostering an environment where cultural awareness and representation are paramount.

Faye and Erica emphasized the importance of alumni support in creating opportunities for current and future students. 

This support can come in many different forms: through mentorship opportunities offered by alumni, participation in events like Career Day, making a contribution to student activities,  and engaging actively in initiatives that encourage students to flourish.

Make an investment in the preservation of the rich traditions of our alma mater.

Thank you for joining us in honoring AANHPI Heritage Month and for your ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion at Central High School.

Celebrate Central. Cherish Central. Choose Central.