Associated Alumni board members recently resumed business after a bit of a summer hiatus. The board is anchored by experienced longtime members and newly invigorated with young grads ready to keep connected with their alma mater. Below is a collection of photos of AACHS board members (a few board members weren’t present) and descriptions of their roles. Remember that board members are your resources. Reach out with your news about yourself and your successes; opportunities you may know about for students or fellow alumni; and any desires you may have to contribute time and/or resources to keeping Central great in these challenging times. Kind regards.

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Jeffrey Muldawer (225) is the AACHS president. He also deftly coordinates Central’s annual Career Day, held the Tuesday immediately before Thanksgiving. Career Day is always a great, rewarding affair. If you want in, please  email With Jeff here are Audrey Huntington (266), left, and Cynthia Lee (263), both of whom expect to be contributing to AACHS news and marketing efforts.





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A short caption couldn’t possibly do justice to all of the tremendous things former AACHS President Richard Prinz (212), left, does for Central and fellow alumni–facilitating gifts, coordinating various projects with the school district, giving of school tours to alumni, administrating on the board, supporting school teams…Stephen Chappell (209) is an AACHS Vice President and co-editor of the Alumni Journal. He is also a member of the Program Committee. He always wants to hear from alumni ( with their news and updates for the Journal.




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A cross-section of talent and energy: From left, State Rep. James R. Roebuck Jr. (219) fights in Harrisburg  for Central and all public schools, Dr. Leonard B. Finkelstein (185), Investment Committee member Karima Bouchenafa (249), Finance Committee Chairman Stephen Green (214), Central rising senior Natan Yakov (275), who is also who is also incoming Centralizer co-editor-in-chief ; rising senior Albert Tanjaya (275), incoming Student Association president;  co-Alumni Journal editor Merrill Freedman (208) and former Board President/current archivist/Central hallway rover David Kahn (220)

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Brothers Harvey Steinberg (209), left and Chuck Steinberg (221) are both AACHS past presidents. Their decades of leadership, fundraising, advocacy and support is unmatched and undying.








rudybenmarkscott (500x373)Central class reps know Rudy A. Cvetkovic (239), left, by his helpful correspondence. Rudy has been helping classes get the word out on reunions and generally been the liaison for class leaders’ needs for years. Ben Lipman (224), seated center, is a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee. Mark Lipshutz (224) is chairman of the Website Operations Committee and recording secretary. Standing is Scott Dubin (269).


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From left: Bob Spivak (202), Steve Burnstein (222) and Lester H. Wurtele (202) serve on the Hall of Fame Committee; Sam is also the 202 class rep and serves on the Prizes and Scholarships Committee; Jerry Kates (194) serves on the Nominations and Elections Committee, the Publications and Publicity Committee and the Executive Committee, and he is the representative for his class.





kenpeteed (640x478)From left: Kenneth Wong (232), Marketing Committee and Young Alumni Committee; Pete Forjohn (235), Executive Committee;  and Ed Bell (226), Publications & Publicity Committee. These gentlemen recently did an outstanding job organizing and executing the Alumni 5/k run and 1-mile walk at Central. It raised $3,000 for Central athletics and clubs. Please keep up with this fun event and others on this website.


IMG_0136 (300x150)Kristina Chang (254), left, Marisa Block (265) and David Birnbaum (265) bring their energy and ideas to the Young Alumni Committee; Kristina also serves on the Student Activities Committee. Marisa and David serve on the School Standards and District Relations Committee.





IMG_0140 (500x373)Gene Cipriani (229) and Jay Gottlieb (205) are dedicated board senior statesmen and Lancers supporters. Jay is also an AACHS past president.










IMG_0142 (400x246)Bruce Marks (226), left, is the new AACHS treasurer and Steve Klein (229) serves on the Young Alumni Committee.