Your Alumni Association is looking for alumni who can bring expertise and enthusiasm to one or more of the various AACHS committees. We especially can use help with the Investment, Development, Finance and Marketing Committees.

If you feel that your interests, background, experience, vocation, professional skills, or contacts would help facilitate the work of any of the committees described briefly below, or would like further information, please contact the Alumni office – Thank you.

2015-2016 Term
Administration and Finance
This committee is responsible for the administration of all accounts and trusts in which AACHS has an interest.

The Budget Committee has as its responsibility the presentation to the Board of Managers at its September meeting a proposed budget for the Corporation for the ensuing year.

Class Representatives
The committee of class representatives undertakes to stimulate the interest of graduates in the school and the Associated Alumni and to enable contact with both via the maintenance of a group of alumni representing each graduated class.

Development Committee
This committee is charged with identifying specific projects for development, the target of fundraising activities, and identifying specific, potential sources of funds.

Investment Committee
The Investment Committee is responsible for setting investment objectives for each of the accounts where AACHS has investment responsibility.

Law Committee
The Law Committee advises the President and the Board of Managers on all legal matters in which the Corporation may be involved.

Marketing Committee

The basic role of the Marketing Committee is to develop strategies that encourage alumni involvement and investment in the AACHS mission.

Prizes and Scholarship Committee
This committee is responsible for determining the nature of awards, prizes and scholarships under the Corporation’s control.

Program Committee
Arrangement, promotion and presentation of programs at the various AACHS meetings is the responsibility of the Program Committee.

Publications and Publicity Committee
This committee is charged with publishing the Alumni Journal, the Barnwell Handbook, and such other publications as may promote the interests and welfare of AACHS and Central High School.

School Standards and District Relations Committee
Encouragement and support of the highest standards of scholarship and character among students of Central and of teaching at Central is the responsibility of this committee.

Student Activities Committee
This committee is responsible for the promotion and advancement of all student activities at the school.
Website Content Committee
The role of this committee is to direct and manage website content including thematic thrusts; focus setting; editing, approval and creation/posting of website items (news briefs, articles and events).

Website Operations Committee
The fundamental role of the Website Operations Committee is to support marketing strategy by leveraging the website to boost interest and raise funds for the benefit of the school.

Young Alumni Committee
This committee is charged with engaging mainly those alumni who have graduated within the last ten years, and fostering strong relationships with the school and AACHS.