Patricia Ramos (265) and Sean Ballentine (266)

“Lancers and libraries. She noticed him while at a group training for their after school jobs at Philadelphia Public Libraries. They first met each other in the 3rd floor middle corridor of CHS in between the buzzer rings. Sean was walking out of choir rehearsal down the hall towards the steps with Patricia’s childhood best friend, Stephanie Waskiewicz 266.

Knowing she had seen him at the library before, Patricia was excited to meet another library Lancer. He was rightfully creeped out that Patricia seemed to know he worked at a library, but this awkward humor helped to break the ice and put smiles on both their faces for this first official meet.

Stephanie formally introduced Patricia and Sean and what followed were countless meetings at lockers in between classes, round trips on the 8-bus, school dances, dates, and bonding over laughs, movie quotes, and Harry Potter. Engaged in January 2016, married in November 2017, and thankful for the memories of dear old high.

P.S: The favor was returned to Stephanie as Patricia was the one to introduce Stephanie 266 to her husband Arkadiy 265 ;)”

—Patricia (Ballentine) Ramos (265) and Sean Ballentine (266)

Patricia Ramos (265) and Sean Ballentine (266)