Marcus Parker (260) and Mea Meeks (260)

“We met as two scrawny teenagers at Central. We attended a few classes together and had gained mutual friends over the years. A playful relationship was developed where the both of us were constantly teasing each other (mainly Marcus) One of our last interactions was when we signed each others yearbooks, wishing each other well and going our separate ways.

Flash forward to 260’s 15-year high school reunion — We picked up right where we left off in high school, with Mea being entertained by Marcus’ shenanigans. We had a few run-ins that night during the reunion when Marcus wasn’t on the dance floor or pouring drinks (that’s a whole other story.) Before the night ended we exchanged numbers, managed to make plans to meet in Chicago to hang out agreeing that would be a good meeting place between Philadelphia and California.

Marcus texted 1st the day after the reunion. Initially our text convos were never flirty or romantic, just small talk getting each other through our work days. Despite our different schedules, and timezones, we kept in contact for months. Our conversations grew from 1-2 texts a week to long conversations almost daily. Neither one of us realized that we were developing a deep, meaningful friendship.

Marcus came back to Philly after 7 months of us reconnecting. We shared one of the most incredible nights togther to date. Who knew an unplanned 1st date would be the defining event that would make us inseparable?!?

On December 20th, 2018 nearly 9 months after Mea’s big move to California, with Mea’s father’s blessing Marcus asked for her hand in marriage and she said Yes! Marcus had been conspiring with Tracey to help choose the most gorgeous ring. He had planned for us to finally take our trip to Chicago that we talked about the night we reunited at the reunion; but once he finally got the ring he no longer wanted to wait and asked the same night.

We said “I do” on September 15th, 2019 in Philadelphia surrounded by our loved ones. Since then, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Lila.”

Marcus Parker (260) and Mea (Meeks) Parker (260)

Marcus Parker (260) and Mea Meeks (260)