Notice of Elections

The Committee on Nomination and Elections, David R. Kahn, 220, and Marisa L. Block, 265, Co-Chairpersons, presents the following nominations for positions on the Alumni Board of Managers.

The election was held and approved at the Annual Reception at Rivers Waterfront on June 6, 2023.

Nominated for the Term expiring June 30, 2024

President: Robert A. Del Femine, 235

Vice-Presidents: (three to be elected):
David W. Birnbaum, Esq., 265
Karima I.A. Bouchenafa, 249
Elina Magid, C.P.A., 257

Treasurer: Gene J. Marks, C.P.A., 241

Secretary: Marisa Block, 265

Master of Archives/Historian: David R. Kahn, 220

Nominated for the Term expiring June 30, 2026 (eight to be elected to a full Term)
Nevena Bosnic, 266
Rudy A. Cvetkovic, 239
Stephen J. Klein, 229
Stephanie B. Mattei, Psy.D., 249
Kiana Nunn, 259
Stanley Sokolove, 225
Charles E. Washington, Jr., 249
Kenneth Wong, 232

Nominated for Honorary Life Membership on the Board of Managers
Stephen L. Burnstein, D.O., 222

The following members continue to serve until their terms expire on June 30, 2024
Sheldon Bass, Esq., 233
David W. Brown, 239
Andrea Carter, 259
Ramon Guzman, 271
Michael Horwits, 251
Audrey M. Huntington, 266
George D. Mosee, Jr., Esq., 232
Julian D. Perlman, Esq., 256

The following members continue to serve until their terms expire on June 30, 2025
Hannah Baker, 274
Solomon David, Esq., 265
Cecil Johnson, 244
Joshua E. Liss, 247
Alicia Oglesby, 258
Barry W. Rosenberg, Esq., 229
Steven Shapiro, D.O., 225
Jordan Yuter, 243

Honorary Life Members
Stephen I. Kasloff, Esq., 228
Eugene N. Cipriani, Esq., 229
Gerald S. Kates, 194
Allan L. Marmon, Esq., 204
Hon. Gene D. Cohen, 214
Arnold H. Shiffrin, 205
Hon. Charles E. Rainey, Jr., 233
Hon. Arnold L. New, 225
Lester Wurtele, M.D., 202
Hon. John M. Younge, 232
Hon. Denis P. Cohen, 228

Past Presidents
Charles S. Steinberg, 221
Alan D. Budman, Esq., 229
Jay S. Gottlieb, Esq., 205
Hon. James R. Roebuck, 219
Theodore G. Rothman, 205
Stephen S. Green, Esq., 214
Richard E. Prinz, 212
David R. Kahn, 220
Jeffrey A. Muldawer, Esq., 225
Neil Deegan, 263