Meet Nurse, Nancy Abraham (272)

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Six months into her role as the Director of Patient Experience at Temple University Hospital, Nancy Abraham (272), is not only mastering the true essence of being a part of the patient experience but also learning how to make a positive and lasting impact on her patients’ overall human experience.

“I am proud of who I am – proud to be a nurse, proud to be a leader, and I am proud to be a Central Alumna.” 

Nancy started her journey at Central High School in the fall of 2009, with a slight familiarity of the Central experience and community from stories her sister, Stacey Abraham (266), shared. Nancy’s enrollment marked a milestone that she joyfully shared with her family and friends. Waking up to an early alarm, her daily routine to get ready for school included breakfast on the go and an hour-long commute on two Septa buses.

Born and raised in Philly as a first-generation American, Nancy was always encouraged to succeed in her studies regardless of her circumstances. Reflecting on her time at Central,  Nancy shares that, “teachers at Central taught me to think outside the box; it was their passion to support and guide students to lean into their potential that helped me foster meaningful relationships with peers and faculty.”

Many teachers at Central played an instrumental role in nurturing Nancy’s growth. She remembers how she was encouraged by Ms. Cameron, CHS English Teacher, to do more than she thought capable. A venture far from familiar, and well outside of her comfort zone, Nancy joined the yearbook committee her senior year, where she served as the Co-Editor in Chief of the Yearbook.

For Nancy, leading the senior yearbook team taught her skills that would have otherwise remained undiscovered. The relationships she cultivated from her earliest days as a Lancer are priceless. 

Teachers like Ms. Cameron recognize potential in their students daily, even if the acknowledgment isn’t always vocalized.

The sense of camaraderie she felt with her peers, as well as upper and lower classmates in clubs like the Indian Pakistani Cultural Organization (IPCO), still resonates in the lasting friendships Nancy maintains.

Serendipitously, she crossed paths with upperclassman Noel Abraham (270), who eventually became her sweetheart and now husband.

“As I reflect on the moments that brought me to this pointI cannot help but thank Central High for shaping me to be who I am today.”

Following graduation, Nancy pursued a nursing degree from Temple University and began her career as a Patient Care Assistant in 2016 at Temple University Hospital. This role provided invaluable insight into teamwork and patient care, often overlooked within the healthcare industry.

In 2018, Nancy embarked on a new role as a Neuroscience Nurse, discovering her passion for neuro-related matters.

Regrettably, the COVID pandemic significantly affected the North Philly hospital, drastically altering the daily routine of bedside nursing. Despite the challenges, Nancy and her team drew strength from their unity and determination, leading Nancy to contemplate the holistic patient experience. Today, she thrives as the Director of Patient Experience, attributing some of her achievements to her formative years as a Lancer. 

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