In recognition and celebration of Black History Month, it is with great pride that the AACHS share a remarkable story of Black excellence within our own Central High School community.

One year ago, the 231 Black Brotherhood, a group of Black alumni from Central’s 231st class, demonstrated incredible generosity and dedication to the advancement of our students by successfully funding a transformative trip for more than 100 CHS students and staff.

Students spent the day in Washington D.C. visiting the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture and Howard University. Supported by the DEI initiative, students will also have the opportunity to visit the NMAAHC and Howard University again this year. 

As a lead ambassador for the 231st class, and chaperone on this impactful journey last year, George VanHook, 231, witnessed firsthand the exemplary character, engagement, and enthusiasm of our students throughout the tour. Their expressions of wonderment and joy left him with a priceless experience, highlighting the success and importance of the initiative.

In reflection of last year’s trip, the 231 Black Brotherhood is committed to continuing their support in 2024. 

This year’s focus is a student-requested tour of Historically Black Universities in the Pennsylvania/Delaware area. The itinerary includes visits to the nation’s first HBCU, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Lincoln University, and Delaware State University.

The dedication of the 231 Black Brotherhood to promoting educational opportunities for Black students is truly commendable.

Their collective commitment to the success and empowerment of our students exemplifies the spirit of Black excellence that we celebrate during this special month.

Central’s African American Student Union (AASU), has made it its mission to maintain a safe space for Black students for over 40 years, creating an outlet for affinity between the Black student body where students’ bubbling creativity can be shared.

AASU President Lena J. (284), shared that “the support from alumni is imperative to the prosperity of AASU and thus by extension, the Black student body.”

In 2020, Afrocentric, CHS Student Run Magazine Showcasing Black Excellence & Highlighting Black Issues, was created by students as a place to empower Black students, to share their voices, words, and art. 

Thanks to Nate Abney Jr, 228 and the 228th Class, several publications have been underwritten to offset the cost of printing the annual magazine. 

Just this past December, the AASU held its annual Central Alumni HBCU Panel, which aims to inspire Black students through the voices of Lancers ranging from the 252nd to the 282nd classes.

HBCU Panel

Nothing embodies the AASU mission more than their upcoming annual Black History Month Showcase, which encompasses the range of African American culture and talent through performances such as singing, dancing, spoken word, and more.

This year’s theme for the Showcase aims to change the narrative, focusing on the beauty of Black culture to uplift Black students rather than solely focusing on the struggle it was birthed from. 

As explained by AASU President Lena J. (284),

“Today, Black History Month is more important than ever. It makes us feel seen, it makes us feel heard, it makes us feel proud of the skin we live in every time we look in the mirror.

Black History Month restores a sense of cultural pride within us that could not be better represented than in AASU Showcase.

It’s more than ‘dancing’ and ‘having fun’, it’s a reminder that we come from excellence on so many different levels, showcasing that our culture, our identity is beautiful.”

The commitment to educational opportunities, cultural pride, and creativity within our community stands as a testament to the ongoing impact we can collectively make.

Additionally, AASU is having a night show for their showcase on Friday, March 1st at 5:30 PM in the Auditorium, which is open to alumni as well as students and family. Doors open at 5:00 PM and $10 tickets will be sold at the door. 

We look forward to joining together in the upcoming Black History Month Showcase and invite you to the night show on Friday, March 1st, as we continue to celebrate the beauty, resilience, and joy of Black culture.

A gift to support the DEI fund today will directly go towards helping our students experience and learn beyond the classroom. 

Let us unite in fostering a sense of pride and empowerment for all.