Worldly Wisdom: Central Students Soar Across Continents

For the past six years, Central has proudly collaborated with the CIEE study abroad program, cultivating a culture of worldly wisdom as Lancers soar across continents in pursuit of educational enrichment.
Each summer, around fifty students embark on transformative journeys to one of over thirty-five global locations through (CIEE programs), supported by generous scholarships and aid.
You can help make this dream become a reality for even more Lancers with your generosity.
This investment in Central High School students will help to shape well-rounded individuals equipped with diverse experiences, and fosters a stronger, interconnected global community of alumni who can positively impact the world.
This initiative not only fosters language and cultural awareness but also provides opportunities for students to excel in diverse fields such as STEM, the arts, service, and more, aligning with their individual passions.
Hear directly from some of the students on how these immersive experiences have profoundly enhanced their educational journey.
Ryan overlook
Ryan in Barcelona

Over the summer, I traveled to Barcelona, Spain on a CIEE Summer Language and Culture program. My favorite part was just being able to explore the city, wander the streets, and try amazing food with my new friends. After the program, my Spanish fluency improved greatly and I felt much more confident in my speaking abilities. I also felt more independent since I was exploring a new place, all by myself. I am really happy to have had this opportunity and hope to study abroad again!

-Ryan A, 284
Minping at an organic tea farm in Hualien
Studying abroad was a tremendously eye-opening experience! Not only was it an opportunity to immerse myself into Taiwanese culture by speaking with the local people and exploring the magical places in Taiwan, it was also a chance to grow and become more independent as an individual. I loved the time I spent studying abroad, learning about Taiwan and building lifelong friendships.  
-Minping N, 283


I went to Mexico for the Spanish and Culture program this past summer and it was the absolutely the best experience of my life! I used to be very nervous about speaking to new people, and especially speaking in Spanish, but the program pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person and as a Spanish speaker. I enjoyed my time staying with my host family and the friends I made there, who are in the picture, and all of whom I am still in contact with. Overall, the experience changed me in the best way possible and helped me be better prepared for Spanish this year!

-Divya C, 284
I traveled to Rome during the summer of 2022 to study the arts. To this day, I can say that it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I made so many amazing friends from all over the world that I still talk to, and I got to visit so many places like the Sistine Chapel, Florence, and so many incredible villas. I got the chance to make my own art and take cooking classes. I learned so much about Roman art, history and culture, and getting to do it with other teenagers from around the world made the experience that much more memorable. 
-Jayden V, 284
Jayden in Rome
Ms. Rachel Rodríguez, 252, a Spanish Teacher at Central, as well as the World Language Chair person, has been integral in supporting the CIEE study abroad program.  Her hope is that current and future Lancers will continue to have the opportunity to participate in these study abroad programs.
As one may imagine, this is a life-changing experience for our students. You can help make this dream become a reality for even more Lancers with your generosity.
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