Meet Alicia Oglesby, 258

Alicia Oglesby, 258, is a valued member of the AACHS Board of Managers and our talented Editor-in-Chief of the Alumni Journal.

Alicia’s dual role exemplifies her commitment to the legacy of our dear High, and her dedication to foster engagement among our alumni community.

Ms. Oglesby is a highly-qualified high school counselor and a current doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh, where she regularly references her time at Central in assignments about belonging, achievement, and diversity. 

“I often tell my students that my experience in high school was better than typical because of the unique place Central is. My time at Central was pivotal for my intellectual growth. I always knew I was smart and capable but being at Central allowed me to deepen my knowledge and my connections to other students who loved to learn as much as I did.”

Alicia feels that one of the reasons that she returned to education was because of her belief in the power of learning.

Through her decade-long experience working with high school students, she plays a pivotal role in guiding students toward academic success, personal growth, and future opportunities. 

Getting involved with the AACHS enabled Alicia to see the magic behind the scenes, and understand the complex ways in which alumni support the school and its students. 

“The more involved I become, the more I see how our impact can be felt as soon as the next school day. I’m all about community and the Central community is fierce and powerful. We are able to fundraise to support student trips, programs, and goals. As alumni, we have leveraged our education to achieve great things. Giving back insures the next generation will be able to thrive even more than we do.  I see it as part of our civic duty!”

Let Alicia’s passion and dedication inspire you to give back and make a difference in the lives of Central students and the broader community.

Together, let’s continue the tradition of supporting and empowering future generations to thrive.