Owen S. 285

Central High School holds deep roots for student, Owen S., 285. Owen’s journey from an apprehensive freshman to a determined sophomore is nothing short of inspiring.

He followed in his parents, Jessica and Carl, footsteps, who are Central graduates from the 251st graduating class.

Their friendship and the wonderful memories they shared of their high school experience served as an undeniable pull for Owen—he chose Central not only for his familial ties but for its status as one of the best public high schools in academics and extracurricular activities.

His parents were proud of his decision to attend their alma mater. He recalled fondly how his mom was full of nostalgia to return to Central after thirty years to attend Owen’s freshmen orientation. 

Freshman year can be a challenging transition for anyone, and Owen’s experience was no exception. He entered Central High with a mixture of excitement and trepidation of uncertainty after the devastating loss of his mother five months into the school year.

Despite facing adversity, Owen’s determination remains unyielding, perhaps in large part to honor his mother’s legacy. 

One of the pivotal chapters in Owen’s “Central Story” was his decision to join the wrestling team freshman year. This bold step not only tested his physical abilities but also helped him to gain confidence and become more outgoing.

He formed an unconventional family with his peers from various grade levels and enjoys the camaraderie of the team.

In his very first individual wrestling tournament, Owen secured an impressive second-place medal. Academically, he has embraced the hardworking learning environment and made progress with his studies.

Wrestling Coach and CHS Faculty, Mr. Jeremy Julien, 259, expressed what a valuable member of the wrestling team Owen has been since his freshman year. 

“He joined the team and immediately had success, winning some matches in big moments. What sticks out in my mind about Owen is the fact that he has maintained a positive mindset during some very challenging and painful times during his 9th and 10th grade years. He has remained committed to the team and shows no sign of quitting despite being injured in both seasons.”

Now in his sophomore year, Owen reflects on the invaluable lessons learned and personal growth achieved during his first year at Central —recognizing the importance of balance.

“I have to study and work harder to accomplish what I want to pursue, but it’s clear to me that Central has given me the resources and tools to succeed.”

Owen is thankful for the Lancer community, from the supportive alumni to the dedicated faculty. Owen shared that before he became a student, he serendipitously met Mr. Michael Horwits, 251, AACHS Board of Managers, CHS Faculty, and a classmate of Owen’s parents. 

“We spoke about my life and transition to Central during freshman orientation. He was interested in what I had to say even though he didn’t know me. When he found out who my parents were, he made me feel even more grateful to be at Central — I will forever remember that moment.”

Owen’s journey at Central High School underscores the meaning of family while highlighting the unwavering support and sense of belonging within our Lancer community.

We welcome all alumni to share their Central Story with us.