1836 Society, 2021-2022

The 1836 Society is composed of a special group of alumni and friends whose collective generosity guarantees that Central remains a place of educational exploration and personal growth for students seeking to reach their full potential.

We are grateful to the many who help to ensure that the mission of the AACHS will fund vital programming and guide our students for generations to come.

Each year, the financial contributions of the 1836 Society members diminish the obstacles students face through their support of life-changing scholarships, advancement of academic programs, and opportunities for innovation and creativity towards first-class learning facilities.

“Although I can never repay our ‘Dear Old High’ for the outstanding education, amazing experiences, and cherished life-long friendships it has given me, I can ‘pay it forward’ by being a member of the 1836 Society. My monthly contribution is just one way of ensuring that my fellow Lancers/future alumni will benefit from even better resources than I had as a Central student, and I hope that my support will inspire others to do the same. Join the 1836 society today!” – Karima Bouchenafa (249), AACHS Vice President

To become a sustaining member, simply make a minimum gift of $1,836 annually; gifts can be made at once or in recurring payments. 

Please also consider increasing your impact through an employer match program — click to see if you qualify.

No matter how you choose to support the AACHS, your contribution makes an impact! Thank you.