For The First Time In Forever

Tuesday, August 31st will be an exciting day for the Central High School community. It will be the first time since March 2020 that the full student body will walk through Central’s doors to learn from each other and our remarkable faculty and staff.

“This year we will get back to the business of educating the best and brightest students in Philadelphia here on our beautiful campus,” says Central President Timothy J. McKenna.

This first day of school is a moment to celebrate.

The last 17 months have been difficult for Central students – missing important milestones like prom and graduation, losing the camaraderie of sports, clubs, the melodic sounds coming from the music department, and just being together with schoolmates. Students and faculty alike are looking forward to resuming these highlights of the high school experience, while adhering to new safety protocols that are being put in place to make this year a safe one for all members of our school community.

We thank all those who have supported Central as we navigated these uncharted waters. “We continue to ask the alumni to support our students, especially at this time,” said McKenna as he strives to create a return to normalcy.

As alumni, you can make a huge impact on the experience of today’s students, through moments like Career Day, financial support for the Capital Campaign and special projects we fund for the school, and by being an active member of our alumni network. While the school will remain closed to visitors, President McKenna looks forward to welcoming alumni and friends back to our school building in the future.

There has never been a more critical moment to invest in Central High School. Make a gift today to the AACHS and support the students of today and the alumni of tomorrow.