leadpicCentral’s football team opened its 2015 season with a successful scrimmage against Abraham Lincoln High School on Saturday, and then hosted a fun afternoon of flag football for alumni and friends.

In a game in which practicing situational football is more important than the score, Central beat Lincoln 2-1. (In case you didn’t know, scrimmage scoring works differently than in regular games). A huge contingent of relatives and friends were on hand at Broad and Somerville in the morning to get a preview of Coach Richard Drayton’s new team.

After the game, volunteers broke out the tents, DJ equipment and cookout gear for the flag-football part of the day. Derek Ward (246) made a return appearance as grill chef while DJ Whaine Norman (243) provided the soundtrack. Many of those who played flag football or supported players were former football players themselves. Dwayne Wilson (237), who was the Lancers quarterback 1977-1978, flew up from his home in Miami in part to continue his support of the football program. He shared the images seen here.

You can also see a comprehensive slideshow by J.S. Garber (230) by clicking here.



dwaynejoel                                      Dwayne Wilson (237) and cousin Joel Wilson (246)


truxell (640x360)No. 78 Jerry Truxell (238) can always be counted on to support not only his son Walt (277) but the entire football program.


1957                     Mr. Wilson chatted with current football players after the scrimmage.


foursomeFrom left, Joel Wilson (246), Lance Adams (245), Dwayne Wilson (237) and Derrick Ward (246)