Neil Deegan, Vice President, 263

It wasn’t long after graduating from collegeNeil Deegan, AACHS Vice President that Neil Deegan started going back to Central to take part in the school’s annual Career Day. While he was a student at Central, he worked closely with the AACHS committee that worked on building the new Barnwell Library so he already knew the players and had a unique sense of what the volunteer-driven organization did for Central’s students. He joined the Board, which had been looking to cultivate younger leadership and more diverse members, and not long after that became a vice president. “You’re not just a name on a list, there’s real work being done here every day,” said Deegan.

Deegan is also editor of the Alumni Journal. It’s the most-read publication put out by the AACHS, but he admits there’s room for improvement. We need more alumni to get involved with content creation which will lead to more diversity of thought. “People really care about the Journal,” said Deegan. “I like that it generates passion and interest,” he added.

Get involved with and support the AACHS! “Reach out and tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll put you to work doing something meaningful,” he said. “This is an exciting time to be at Central. We’ve embarked on a very audacious capital campaign to upgrade the campus. The AACHS is leading the charge and continues to make sure Central remains a cohesive community for the long run,” Deegan added. Want to learn about how you can be more involved? Contact nominating chairman David Kahn at

Deegan took a leadership role as his way of giving back. “I truly believe that Central changed the direction of my life,” said Deegan. He recounted an experience where history teacher Ron Romoff (227) shaped his decision to focus on politics in college. “He left an indelible mark on me,” said Deegan. Deegan is managing principal at Rittenhouse Political Partners.

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This is the first email in a series introducing the executive committee to our alumni.

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