The AACHS Board of Managers is pleasedAACHS Executive Director Cynthia Lech to welcome Cynthia Lech (263) as the organization’s first full-time executive director. She’s no stranger to the AACHS, having served on the Board of Managers for several years. “I’m humbled and honored to have been selected and to represent the organization in my new role as executive director. As a proud graduate of Central High School, I look forward to leading the AACHS in its new chapter – to fulfill the mission of the organization and expand our impact and outreach,” said Lech.

Her priorities include taking the AACHS to the next level through the execution of these three pillars of a five-year strategic plan: reconnect and engage with alumni through creative and enhanced digital programs and social media; diversifying revenue streams; and building community, business and foundation partnerships. “Our hope is that our engagement efforts will provide alumni and friends a platform to talk about the exciting and innovative projects at Central High and the AACHS so that we may widen our network through corporate sponsors or matching donors,” said Lech. Her critical skills will guide AACHS in realizing its long-term strategic vision. The strategic plan includes the goal of completion of a very bold and ambitious Leading the Way initiative, which comprises the construction of a Performing Arts Center and renovations to include a new STEM Center.

Lech looks forward to working closely with the staff and Board of Managers to grow the impact of the organization. She wants to recognize the tremendous effort by the Board of Managers, whom she calls an amazing group of talented and selfless people who have made the organization what it is today. Lech encourages alumni and students to volunteer with the AACHS. There is no shortage of opportunities to help enhance the AACHS narrative. She welcomes the opportunity to hear from you; please connect with her at