The Board of Managers of the Associated Alumni of the Central High School of Philadelphia voted on Nov. 19, 2015, to remove Dr. William H. Cosby (204) from the CHS Alumni Hall of Fame.

The move was made after lengthy board discussions of widespread civil accusations of sexual misconduct by Mr. Cosby and persistent concern raised by Central alumni of how Mr. Cosby’s presence in the Alumni Hall of Fame would reflect on the Hall’s values.

Mr. Cosby had been inducted into the Hall in 1998 as an entertainer and author.

The removal of Mr. Cosby from the Hall reflects no opinion about the civil accusations made against him. The removal does not affect scholarships given to Central students annually in the name of Ennis Cosby, William H. Cosby’s late son, nor it does affect a room at Central High dedicated to an uncle of Mr. Cosby.

The removal reflects a desire to eliminate an issue that was distracting from the mission of the Alumni Hall of Fame.