Update 4/15: The chess team finished 2nd in the public league. Well done. It was a hard-fought year.

And, the RoboLancers team of 100 students have qualified for the world robotics championships in St. Louis and are desperately trying to raise $35,000 for the cost. Read about their efforts here.

Huge congratulations to the RoboLancers, a/k/a Team 321-Associated Alumni of Central High School/McKean Defense/Comcast & CENTRAL HS, for winning the District Chairman’s Award this weekend in competition at Upper Darby HS. This win guarantees them a trip to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship at Lehigh University and a chance to qualify for the world championship in St. Louis.

Visit http://frc-events.usfirst.org/2015/PADRE/awards to see a list of winners at the Upper Darby competition (Central is listed first) and continue on the website to read about FIRST’s mission to promote science and math learning in a fun way.

Meanwhile, as of March 29 the results of the final School Dictrict open Swiss chess competition had not been announced so still no season winner. Central went in to the final completion with a half-point lead. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.


Yvonne Dennis (246)