David Birnbaum, Vice President and Marisa Block, Recording Secretary

When David Birnbaum (265) and Marisa Block (265) David Birnbaum and Marisa Blockarrived at Central as freshmen in 2002, their relationship got off to a bit of a shaky start. Marisa described herself as bright and chipper every morning while David was tired and grumpy. They didn’t like each other very much but two years later he asked her out and the rest, as they say, is history. They recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

Both of them had a sibling that went to Central, so they knew that’s where they would go to high school. “Central is the greatest democratic institution in the city of Philadelphia. For teenagers in the city, it’s the great equalizer of opportunities. Your economic status does not matter.You are given a legitimate shot to make something of yourself in a way that in our democracy I think we often discuss as a goal but may not live up to it. However, at Central democracy exists,” said Birnbaum. David is an attorney. Marisa is a teacher.

They have taken key leadership roles with the AACHS Board of Managers. David serves as a Vice President and Marisa is Recording Secretary. They want to help the board reach out to new and young alumni to be more involved. “Central is such a big part of our lives and offered us so much as students that it felt really important to support the school,” said Block.

They hope their story will inspire you to give generously to the AACHS. “We had some of the best times of our lives at Central. Donating is one of the best ways to make sure that students this year have that opportunity and students next year have that opportunity and those opportunities continue to grow and not shrink,” said Birnbaum.

Join Marisa, David and your fellow alumni and consider making your tax-deductible gift today! https://centralhighalumni.com/support/. GivingTuesday is  December 1st. Your gift matters!

This is the second email in a series introducing the executive committee to our alumni.

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