264 Mini-Reunion

Hey 264!

The results are in from the survey we ran about a 264 “mini-reunion” this year — and we’re doing it!

When: Saturday September 24th, 4-8pm
What: 264 1st Annual Happy Hour … casual drinks at a bar in Philly.
Where: TBD … if you know any centrally located bars that would let us host a happy hour for minimal venue fee, please let me know!
How much: I’m aiming for $0 ticket price (just pay for what you drink).

If you can make it on September 24th, please e-mail me and let me know you’re in (and if you’ll have a +1), so I can get a rough tally.

More details to come in the coming few weeks!


[Please contact the Alumni Office if you need Michael Segal’s e-mail address.]