The graduation of Central's 275th class on Tuesday capped an eventful year.
More Central alumni who have made outstanding accomplishments in their professions were inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame in October.
The alumni Hall of Fame on October indiucted Leo Braudy, second from left, and Marvin Samson, right. They were joined by some of their 211 classmates.
From left, David Kahn (220), Central President Tim McKenna and Mayor Jim Kenney congratulated Richard Ross (241) after Mr. Ross was sworn in at Central Jan. 5 as Philadelphia police commissioner.
Retired Central president Dr. Sheldon Pavel had his portrait hung at the school in the spring.
Comcast Cares Day coordinator Kristina Chang (254) instructs volunteers in Central's auditorium Saturday April 30 as they prepared to tackle beautification projects around the school.
Central President Tim McKenna takes a break on Comcast Cares Day for fun with the Phillie Phanatic.
Members of Central's 224th class continued their sponsorship again this year of a JEVS program that provides college testing prep to Central students.
Central grads enjoyed their first alumni baseball game/picnic to help pay for new equipment for their beloved alma mater.
AACHS Board Member Kenneth Wong (232) arranged for Army personnel to be on hand again at the alumni 5k run and 1 mile walk to keep participants safe on the road.
Arnie Shifrin (205) and his wife, Carol, prepare giveaway bags for runners and walkers Sunday June 12 at Central.