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Kindness Matters

Leon Logothetis, motivational speaker and philanthropist, has been confirmed as the Keynote Speaker at Central High School on October, 30th 2018. Leon’s visit will be a part of The Kindness Diaries Tour; he will provide insight into his life and his own struggles with being bullied. Leon’s speaking style encourages interaction with the audience and inspire…

Project Cool Breeze

School bells rang for the commencement of the 2018-2019 school year last week, just days before Labor Day. While many students hoped for one more summer day albeit in the sweltering heat, this year, for the first time in the school’s history, students and teachers returned (or were welcomed) to classrooms that are air conditioned. 75 window unit air conditioners …

Award-Winning Photography of Army Veteran Milt Dienes Featured in New Show

A new show at the New Upper Merion Community Center in King of Prussia is featuring award-winning works by photographers including Central’s Milt Dienes (177). Dienes, 94, has been taking pictures for more than 70 years and his exclusive photos of Nagasaki, Japan, following its bombing in August 1945 by the U.S., are preserved in the Library of Congress.

2018 Hall of Fame Finale Promises to Be Grand

It has been a great season of Alumni Hall of Fame inductions thanks to alumni attendees and sponsors. Now AACHS would be honored to have your participation in the premier event of the 2018 Hall of…

Is That a Lancer in That Car Up Ahead?

Many a conversation has started between Central alumni encountering one of their own around town and around the world simply at the sight of a Central hat or T-shirt. Soon those conversations will start turning into honks and nods on the road, no doubt, thanks new license plates available to Pennsylvania drivers.

What Is Central Like Compared to When You Were There? A+

By Yvonne Dennis (246)

One of the most frequent questions alumni ask about Dear Old High is what is the school like compared to when I was there? Some even ask more bluntly: Is it still as good?

The alumni association aims to answer that for you via news and feature articles on…